For whom? We are active in several markets


Our electronic ordering system, EDI, makes it easy for supermarkets in the Netherlands and Europe to order our fresh cheese products. This range is sold under private label as well as our own brand, BonCheese. High capacity and flexibility in the production of our fresh cheese products are two of the most important factors for this market. We are able to offer top-sealing for different types of packaging on several of our production lines. If desired, we can also offer modified atmosphere packaging. We view every day as a new challenge to produce tens of thousands of cheese products with our unique taste and quality,


Business to Business

In this rapidly growing segment, we supply customers with bulk ingredients for the food industry in bulk packaging. Our cream cheese is usually repackaged or developed as a new end product. We process products according to our own recipes, but also based on the recipes provided by customers we work with. Our production facility makes it possible for us to handle large and small batches flexibly, which allows us to take a versatile approach to various flavours and types of packaging. This also applies to modified atmosphere and top-sealing packaging.


Hospitality industry/ Out-of-home market

In this market, our traditional cream cheese is truly valued thanks to the unique fresh taste, and lovely texture. Our cream cheese lends itself to easy spreading without moisture seepage, making it extremely popular in the out-of-home market. We supply this product under private label as well as our own brand, ‘Boncheese’. We offer a variety of packaging types, such as various bulk packaging options and piping bags.