Cream cheese products for the professional

photosWe are true fresh cheese lovers and we believe in innovation. We aren’t afraid to try out new combinations for our cheese by developing new products such as filled Gouda cheese cubes and French Brie.

Smaak & Co B.V. owes its name to the cheese products that we produce fresh here daily. Using a unique recipe, Gerard Stasse started making his own fresh traditional cream cheese in 1998 using equally fresh Dutch chive. Since then, Smaak & Co B.V. has grown to become a professional organisation where 30 full-time employees work each day to make a variety of cheese products using fresh ingredients and herbs. Our products are made at a modern IFS-certified (highest level) production facility in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands.

Assortment always fresh, something to suit everyone’s taste

Filled Brie




Cream cheese


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Quality for the professional

In developing and producing our fresh cheese products, we naturally strive to achieve the highest level of quality, but equally important is that our customers are surprised by our innovation, presentation, freshness, taste and price. We aim to create a close, cooperative relationship with our customers so we can continue to develop...

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For whom? We are active in several markets


Our electronic ordering system, EDI, makes it easy for supermarkets in the Netherlands and Europe to order our fresh cheese products. This range is sold under private label as well as our own brand, BonCheese...

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Business to Business

In this rapidly growing segment, we supply customers with bulk ingredients for the food industry in bulk packaging. Our cream cheese is usually repackaged or developed as a new end product. We process...

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Hospitality industry/ Out-of-home market

In this market, our traditional cream cheese is truly valued thanks to the unique fresh taste, and lovely texture. Our cream cheese lends itself to easy spreading without...

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International ambitions

We aim to create a close, cooperative relationship with our customers so we can continue to develop, achieving innovation and added value in this category. We do this by responding to trends and developments in the market such as CSR, sustainability, flavour, ethnic influences and so on. Smaak & Co naturally aims to produce fresh, honest and sustainable products, and the R&D department spends a great deal of time on these efforts. One of the results of these efforts is a reduction in the E-number additives we use. We have even developed a new cream cheese product that is entirely free from E-number additives.

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More information?

Are you interested in an offer or would you like to receive more information? Please let us know, we will be happy to help.

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It is our primary goal to produce our products as fresh as possible every day, and we aim to ensure the highest quality. This is why we welcome your comments, ideas and/or tips and hope you will share them with us!

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Consumer brand

Available under Boncheese and private label.